Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. I’m a current payroll deduction donor. How do I change my pledge(s) for the new campaign year?

  2. May I specify which charity my money goes to within the CCFD agencies?

  3. I currently have a CCFD payroll deduction. Am I required to complete a new pledge form (online or paper) this year if I wish my pledge to continue exactly the same?

  4. Why doesn’t my charity name show up under my pledge?

  5. Which pledge method should a donor choose: online or paper pledge?

  6. Can I give to a charitable organization that is not listed in the Agency Brochure?

  7. Can a donation to an agency covered by the CCFD but not given through the CCFD be counted toward my unit's goal?

  8. Can a University retiree contribute through CCFD?

  9. Can a graduate student contribute through CCFD?

  10. Are contributions pre-or post-tax?

  11. Are contributions tax-deductible?

  12. Will my gift be acknowledged by CCFD?

  13. Will an agency acknowledge my gift?

  14. When will my donation be sent to the agencies I have contributed to?

  15. Does the university take a cut of my pledge to pay for overhead or processing?

  16. I see the terms "agency" and "designation." What do those terms mean?

  17. I see a percentage listed next the descriptions of some of the agencies and designations. What do they mean? What if there isn't a percentage listed?

  18. What happens to a payroll deduction pledge if an employee resigns or retires from the University?

  19. How do I make changes to my current payroll deduction outside of the fund drive dates?

  20. How is an organization included in the Campus Charitable Fund Drive?

  21. Can hourly employees do payroll deduction?

  22. We had a fund raiser in our office for a specific charity, how are those funds counted?