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  1. I’m a current payroll deduction donor. How do I change my pledge(s) for the new campaign year?

  2. May I specify which charity my money goes to within the CCFD agencies?

  3. I currently have a CCFD payroll deduction. Am I required to complete a new pledge form (online or paper) this year if I wish my pledge to continue exactly the same?

  4. Why doesn’t my charity name show up under my pledge?

  5. Which pledge method should a donor choose: online or paper pledge?

  6. Can I give to a charitable organization that is not listed in the Agency Brochure?

  7. Can a donation to an agency covered by the CCFD but not given through the CCFD be counted toward my unit's goal?

  8. Can a University retiree contribute through CCFD?

  9. Can a graduate student contribute through CCFD?

  10. Are contributions pre-or post-tax?

  11. Are contributions tax-deductible?

  12. Will my gift be acknowledged by CCFD?

  13. Will an agency acknowledge my gift?

  14. When will my donation be sent to the agencies I have contributed to?

  15. Does the university take a cut of my pledge to pay for overhead or processing?

  16. I see the terms "agency" and "designation." What do those terms mean?

  17. I see a percentage listed next the descriptions of some of the agencies and designations. What do they mean? What if there isn't a percentage listed?

  18. What happens to a payroll deduction pledge if an employee resigns or retires from the University?

  19. How do I make changes to my current payroll deduction outside of the fund drive dates?

  20. How is an organization included in the Campus Charitable Fund Drive?